• User feedback from Portuguese users User feedback from Portuguese users

    Recently, we have received all kinds of feedback from users from different countries about the received machine, the operation of the machine and assembly of the machine, etc. Today we are going to share with you feedback from Portuguese users about machined samples.

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The nesting CNC router is designed for full automatic 2D/3D machining of carving, engraving, marking, cutting, turning, drilling, milling and grooving. And it is widely used in industrial manufacturing applications, aluminum, architectural millwork, education, exhibits/store fixtures, furniture, high volume cabinet production, nested based manufacturing, residential/commercial construction, three-dimensional molds, upholstered frames, advertising industry, die industry ect. The following are the specific details of the application of nesting cnc router in various industries.
  • Exhibits/Store Fixtures

    Blue Elephant CNC a professional CNC routers manufacturer, offers CNC router packages tailored specifically to exhibit, store and retail fixture manufacturers. Blue Elephant ‘s systems are robust, highly flexible production systems capable of operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are fast, accurate with a highly advanced CNC control offering features, support and capabilities not available anywhere else.

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  • Marine/Boat Building

    Blue Elephant CNC offers a variety of machines that are ideal for many aspects of boat and ship manufacturing. Three axis systems machine wood, acrylic and non ferrous metal components. Large envelope five-axis systems up to sixty feet long produce original patterns and molds and are also used to trim major fiberglass and composite components.

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  • Automotive

    After the car door, car exhaust pipe and other components are formed, there will be some extra corners or burrs need to be processed. Firstly, the traditional processing method t can’t only reach the accuracy but low efficiency. Therefore, the laser cutting machine is very suitable for the automotive industry due to its high cutting precision, good quality and high efficiency.

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  • Advertising industry

    The advertising industry need more customized, especially for the processing of metal words. The traditional processing method is subjected to various processes such as bending and welding,which is low efficiency. With the Blue Elephant laser cutting machine, any machining on the metal can be achieved by simply entering the graphic into the system.

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