Nesting CNC

Fully automatic loading and unloading machining center is suitable for multi-product processing, such as boring and milling, embossing, drilling, cutting and edge cutting. The fuselage is welded by high-strength thick-walled steel pipe, and the structure is stable to ensure stable operation of the machine. The use of internationally imported parts also gives the machine a longer life. Blue Elephant cnc provides excellent accessories combined with sophisticated inspection equipment, which allow the cnc router machine to have more precise machining accuracy. In particular, the automatic loading and unloading function is more intelligent, saving manpower and improving processing efficiency. To learn more about our Nesting CNC, browse our range below: Click for Free Quote


  • User feedback from Portuguese users User feedback from Portuguese users

    Recently, we have received all kinds of feedback from users from different countries about the received machine, the operation of the machine and assembly of the machine, etc. Today we are going to share with you feedback from Portuguese users about machined samples. ...

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The plate furniture production line plays an increasingly important role in the production of custom furniture and panel furniture. It can quickly and efficiently complete cutting, blanking, punching, drawing and other processing techniques for various synthetic sheets and solid wood. And It is widely used in processing on the surface of various materials, such as plane, three-dimensional, curved surface, cylindrical, etc.

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