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Nesting CNC

Blue Elephant ATC Nesting CNC router Machine has an automatic tool change function including carousel tool change type and linear tool change type.
The CNC Nesting Machine for woodworking is a highly advanced cutting tool tailored for wood sheet material processing. It offers a wide range of capabilities, including nesting, cutting, drilling, slotting, and more. In addition, it seamlessly integrates with professional furniture design and disassembly software, enabling the creation of custom-made panel cabinets and wardrobes.
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The plate furniture production line plays an increasingly important role in the production of custom furniture and panel furniture. It can quickly and efficiently complete cutting, blanking, punching, drawing and other processing techniques for various synthetic sheets and solid wood. And It is widely used in processing on the surface of various materials, such as plane, three-dimensional, curved surface, cylindrical, etc.

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