Daily Maintenance of CNC Router

We all know that cars should be regularly maintained, and so is the CNC router machine .
When CNC machine is used in harsh environment, in order to keep the parts of CNC machine in good condition, the maintenance and repair of the machine is essential. Attention to all aspects of details can eliminate the hidden trouble in the bud and avoid unnecessary losses to the machine. Only regular maintenance can ensure the normal service life of  CNC carving machine , or even longer.
1. Check regularly whether the circulating system and oil supply device are normal or not. In cold winter, it is necessary to replace antifreeze fluid and turbine oil in time. In harsh weather, if the anti-freezing fluid is not replaced in time, the water pipe will freeze, and the cooling water will freeze in the spindle, which will easily cause the spindle to freeze and crack. After the weather becomes cold, the oil will become thicker and the oil flow will be slow. If the oil is not replaced in time, the oil supply system will fail.
2. When using CNC router machine, we should also pay attention to cooling the spindle, pay attention to the temperature of the motorized spindle at any time, and prevent damage caused by overheating of the spindle (Note: In summer, due to the hot weather and high air temperature, the spindle temperature will be appropriately higher. The electric spindle is hot, but it can be used normally as long as the hand can be touched briefly). Some router machine spindles are not equipped with circulating cooling system. When the temperature is too high, we should always pay attention to increasing the temperature of the water tank. Stone engraving machine equipment without circulating cooling system is easy to cause damage to the motorized spindle. Therefore, we must pay attention to these aspects at the beginning of the purchase.

3. Wood engraving machine  must ensure good grounding. It reduces static interference, improves the stability of the machine and protects the operator. Lightning strike in rainy days can not be controlled artificially. It is suggested that the machine should not be operated in thunderstorm weather, and the power supply should be completely disconnected.
4. Keep the workshop ventilated and check whether there is dripping in the workshop. Although the shape of CNC router machine is solid with steel or cast iron structure, it may cause rust damage when water droplets fall on CNC router machine, and avoid unnecessary faults such as short circuit caused by electronic components in the distribution box of router machine due to too humid working environment.
5. If CNC machine is not used for a long time, it should start up and run idly regularly to ensure the lubrication of the transmission system. Dust removal should be done regularly to avoid dust accumulation affecting the heat dissipation of electrical appliances, resulting in burnout and short circuit;
6. During the peak period of power consumption, the unstable voltage of power supply line often occurs, which often shows that the spindle of the carving machine stops turning, and the carving machine with lower configuration will also have the phenomenon of overload burning of the driver. It is suggested that customers should pay attention when purchasing engraving machines and choose a higher engraving machine to reduce unnecessary losses.
Cautions for safe use of handle:
1. It is strictly forbidden to use this product in the environment of strong interference and magnetic field. The working environment temperature is 0-70 C and the working environment humidity is 0-90% (no condensation)
2. Insert the U-disk in the right direction. It is strictly forbidden to plug and pull the signal transmission cable connected with the handheld controller and the machine tool.
3. In the process of processing U-disk files, it is forbidden to unplug U-disk in order to prevent data transmission interruption.
4. It is strictly forbidden that metal, dust and other conductive substances enter the interior of the handheld controller shell.
5. The shell of machine tool should be connected with grounding wire to ensure safety and prevent interference.
6. Unauthorized disassembly is strictly prohibited. No user can repair parts inside.
7. If you don't use it for a long time, please pay attention to the power off and keep it properly.
8. Waterproof, dust-proof and fire-proof should be paid attention to in use.
9. Do not use corrosive chemical solvent to clean the equipment.
10. The bearing life of spindle motor is inversely proportional to its speed.
11. The carving knife is very sharp. Do not touch it with your hands when it is running to avoid injury. Do not touch it with handkerchiefs or silk scarves to prevent involvement.
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