Daily Maintenance Rules of CNC Router

In order to keep the parts of  CNC router cutting machine  in good condition, it is very important to maintain the machine frequently. Many hidden troubles can be eliminated in the bud to prevent malignant accidents. The daily maintenance requirements of different types of CNC machines are not exactly the same. But generally speaking, it includes the following aspects:

I. Routine Maintenance of CNC Router
1. CNC machine should be placed in a dry and ventilated place (to prevent exposure to the sun)
2. CNC machine must be equipped with a reliable voltage regulator to ensure safe grounding of ground wire
3. Do not try to use the Internet computer to output files to router machine
4. CNC router machine should be maintained every other month (add proper lubricant to the screw)
5. The control box should be placed in a well-ventilated place, not in a high temperature zone.
6. Check the looseness of the CNC router machine line within a certain period of time.
7. Don't place sundries (with magnetic materials, overweight items, liquids) on the desktop or nose of CNC router machine.
8. CNC machine should not be operated in the same corner of the table of the engraving machine for a long time (in case the screw rod and guide rail do not contact with the cross beam for a long time and can not be lubricated reasonably)
9. Maintain good lubrication condition, check and clean the screw regularly, add or replace grease and oil. The screw, nut and other moving parts always maintain good lubrication condition, in order to reduce the wear rate of machinery.

II. List of Maintenance of CNC Router
1. Check the frequency conversion spindle water for normal circulation every day.
2. Check the X-axis organ paper every day to keep the tiger moving smoothly.
3. Check the connecting cables every day to see if the cables are tightened or not damaged.
4. Check the control box every day to see if there is any fan in the control box.
5. Check the table of  CNC router engraving machine  every day, clean the table and remove rubbish.
6. Check Y-axis screw every week, clean the screw and oil it.
7. Check the X-axis screw every week. Open the leather tiger, clean the screw and oil it.
8. Check the Z-axis screw every month. Open the Z-axis skin tiger, clean the screw and refuel it.
9. Inspect the screw from time to time to check whether the fastening screw of the screw is damaged or not.
10. Check the computer from time to time,and kill virus, and do disk cleaning in time

III. Maintenance of Computer and Control Box
If the computer and control box of the atc cnc machine  are too dirty and have too much dust, it will affect the normal operation of CNC machine. The control box is too dirty and may cause short circuit to burn out the driver. Cleaning must be carried out regularly to keep the motherboard and all kinds of cards ventilated and dry.
Maintenance of spindle motor (water-cooled spindle is applicable)
In order to use the spindle motor longer and more stably, the following points should be paid attention to:
1. Change water once every three days
2. Regular refueling
3. Keep Bearing Lubrication
4. No water can enter the motor.
5. Keep the bearings clean6. It can work for a long time under the condition of high speed and strong resistance.

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