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Cabinet production solutions

Cabinet Making Solution is a professional cabinet making solution that provides full-process support from design to production. Our software allows designers to quickly create various cabinet design solutions and supports customization of a variety of materials and sizes. At the same time, our production solution can automatically generate a production BOM list based on the design plan, and use advanced automation equipment to complete production.

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Cabinet Making solutions have a wide range of applications and can be suitable for various types of kitchens and home environments. Here are some common application areas: Home kitchen: Solid wood cabinets are widely used in home kitchens because of their natural, environmentally friendly and beautiful features. Restaurants and cafés: Solid wood cabinets can be used to make storage cabinets, display cabinets and bar counters in restaurants and cafés. Commercial space: Solid wood cabinets can be used in exhibition halls, office areas, warehouses and other places in commercial spaces. Customized Furniture: Solid wood cabinets can be customized along with other furniture to create an overall home style. Architectural decoration: Solid wood cabinets can be used as part of architectural decoration to increase the natural and environmentally friendly feel of the space. In short, Cabinet Making's solid wood cabinets have a wide range of applications and can be customized according to different needs.

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