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Beautiful Wooden Doors from Indonesian Customer by Using Our 1325 ATC Router Machine

By BLUEELEPHANT on Feb 21, 2024

This Indonesian customer is our old customer, they all purchased machines from Blue Elephant many years ago. This time, they need to buy a CNC machine that can automatically change tools. Because the customer is a repeat customer, we also give users a lot of upgraded configurations and give away a lot of accessories.

After receiving the machine, the customer immediately learned how to operate the machine. Soon, the customer was able to use it to process the desired product. The video below documents his work.
As a high-end CNC machine, the 1325 ATC Router Machine has many eye-catching advantages. First of all, the processing range of this machine is wide. From small wooden slats to large door frames, it can handle it all with ease. It can be cut and polished accurately according to the design drawings, ensuring that every detail is accurate.

Secondly, the 1325 ATC Router Machine is extremely efficient. Traditional woodworking machinery often requires a lot of labor and time in the production process. This machine can realize automated operation, greatly improving production efficiency. After using this machine, this customer's wooden door production speed has been greatly improved, thus improving production efficiency.

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