Blue Elephant

Congratulations to the Spanish Customer for Receiving Blue Elephant CNC Machines

By BLUEELEPHANT on Mar 06, 2024

Great to have feedback and videos from our Spanish customer. He is very happy with the ELECNC 2030 ATC machine and E50 edge bander. Both machines are running very well and the customer likes them very much.
CNC engraving machines and edge banding machines are two common types of equipment in the field of woodworking machinery. They each have unique applications in woodworking. CNC engraving machine is a device that uses computer numerical control technology to precisely control the engraving process. It can perform relief, flat carving, hollow carving and other processing on a variety of materials. And the edge banding machine is a highly automated machine used in the woodworking edge banding process. Its main function is to accurately fit the edge banding material to the edge of the workpiece. This process includes gluing, welting, cutting, trimming, scraping, polishing, etc.
Blue Elephant has a professional design team and rich design experience. We value every customer's approval and accept every customer's criticism. Thanks to everyone who cares and supports us.

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