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Precious Artworks Made by Our Customer from Indonesia Using His 1325 4-Axis CNC Engraver

By BLUEELEPHANT on Feb 28, 2024

Our customer from Indonesia used his 1325 four-axis CNC engraving machine to create exquisite works of art. He was happy to tell the sales staff the good news. And we set up an after-sales service team for him. Overall, he is very satisfied with the quality of the product and our service. The following photos show his works:
Specifically, the 1325 four-axis CNC engraving machine can achieve precise processing of any three-dimensional spatial position by controlling the linkage motion of the four axes. The movement of these four axes can be controlled by a computer numerical control system. This makes the processing process more automated and greatly improves processing efficiency and accuracy.

Compared with traditional 3 axis CNC machines, the 1325 four-axis CNC engraving machine has greater flexibility and higher machining accuracy. It can handle more complex parts and achieve more precise processing requirements. therefore. It is widely used in mold aviation, medical equipment and other fields.

Blue Elephant is a professional manufacturer. Therefore, we can guarantee the quality and price of our products. We are dedicated to providing you with quality service. If you are interested in our laser machine. You can consult us online.

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