• For customers

    Centered on customer experience;
  • For the company

    Ownership is fundamental to the
    development of our company;
  • For Team

    Teamwork makes us stronger;
For customers
For the company
For Team


  • 1 In the pursuit of excellence, we will never stop!
  • 2 Pursuing an continuous improvement means investing in all components that support innovation on a continuous basis.
  • 3 We insist on innovation to provide excellent process flow, products and services.

Mission and Promises

  • The basic way of our development:

    Quality, technology and some others are all the foundations. An excellent spirit of service is more important for brands. Good enterprise must have good services, and this is the basic way of our development.

    Service purposes:

    Respond to customer’s requirements at the first moment. The engineering service team is trained and expanded constantly, so our engineering staff can reach customer’s factory as soon as possible. Taking everything from the customer’s point of view, truly solve problems for them.

  • Mission and Promises
  • Professional engineering service team:

    We has plenty of engineers who with high proficiency and long-term practical experience for mechanical installation and maintenance. After the company’s comprehensive system of job training, our engineers can reach a professional level in terms of personal technical expertise, working efficiency, and attitude to the customer.

    Self request:

    We must be more professional to promote, cultivate and develop the close and constructive partnerships with our customers. We make great effort to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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