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Door Lock Machine

Multi-functional dool lock hole marking machine

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Door Lock Machine

The CNC wooden door lock hole drilling machine is an ideal CNC machine to drill lock holes, hinge holes, and to make various slots for hinges, door closers, connectors, etc. for furniture makers, door manufacturers, and carpenters in America, Europe, Asia, Osceania, etc. With CAM software, it can also realize your custom door lock designs and plans.

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The wooden door lock hole drilling machine is a mechanical equipment specially used for drilling lock holes in wooden doors. It has the characteristics of high precision and high efficiency, and can quickly and accurately drill lock holes of various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different wooden doors. By using the wooden door lock hole drilling machine, the efficiency and accuracy of lock installation can be greatly improved, the construction cycle can be shortened, and the labor intensity and operating difficulty of workers can be reduced, and production efficiency and quality can be improved. It is suitable for lock installation projects on various wooden doors, including door lock installation in homes, offices, factories, schools and other places. It is an important tool in the construction and decoration industry.

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