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Edge Banding Machine

The edge banding machine is one kind of woodworking CNC machine. It is suitable for medium density fiberboard, blockboard, solid wood board, particle board, polymer door board, plywood and other straight edge trimming with the features of stable performance and wide processing range. An automatic edge banding machine can perform many functions at one time such as head, chamfering, roughing, finishing scraping, etc. The edge is fine, smooth, and the sealing line is straight and smooth.

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The edge banding machine is a mechanical device specially used to stick decorative materials to the edges of furniture, cabinets and other panels. It has the characteristics of high precision and high efficiency, and can stick various decorative materials to the edge of the board, making furniture, cabinets, etc. more beautiful, durable and long-lasting. It is suitable for decoration projects of various boards, including furniture, cabinets and other decoration projects in homes, offices, factories, schools and other places. It is an important tool in the construction and decoration industry.

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