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EPS/Foam CNC Router

Mainly for cutting and carving of foam

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EPS/Foam CNC Router

EPS Styrofoam CNC router machine adopt integrated casting machine body by well heat treated, which makes machine more stable, rigid, endurable. Adopting Imported high-precision ball screw and Taiwan HIWIN linear square rails, which ensure the machining precision. Especially with a wider travel distance, which is designed for large scale production and suitable for EPS, casting wood mold, engineering plastics and other non-metal material mold.

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EPS Styrofoam CNC Router is a CNC engraving equipment specially designed for EPS foam processing. It uses advanced CNC technology to achieve high-precision and high-efficiency foam plastic processing, and is widely used in various furniture, packaging, construction, model and other fields. Through precise five-axis linkage control, this equipment can transform design drawings into exquisite foam plastic products, improve production efficiency and reduce costs, and provide enterprises with efficient and precise processing solutions.

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