Blue Elephant warmly welcomes French customers to visit our factory

This time we are receiving customers from a romantic country—French. Customers get our contact information by their peers. And they sent the request for a visit by mail. Through the mail we learned that the customer needs the engraving machine mainly to process the instruments, such as violin, erhu and others. And the purpose of this visit to the factory is to see the specific processing results of the machine, as well as the accessories of the machine.

The customer arrived in Jinan according to the agreed time. Of course, we also made preparations before the arrival of the customer. We prepared the models and processing materials that the customer is interested in and waiting for the customer's inspection.

Under the reception of our sales , the customer visited the production workshop of the engraving machine and knew about the production strength of our factory. Then, the customers are led to the machine that they are interested in, so that the customer can really feel the processing status of the machine.

The machine which the customer interests is the 1212 4-axis engraving machine. The customer's main concern is the machine's processing table, spindle, rotary device, and control system and other accessories. The customer also asked which is better for the SIEMENS system and SYNTEC system? This question is believed to have been heard in the engraving industry.

Today, Blue Elephant also explains this problem to everyone: First of all, in terms of price, the SIEMENS is much more expensive than the SYNTEC system. Secondly, the SIEMENS system is similar in function to the SYNTEC system. Therefore, the SYNTEC system is also the system of choice for many customers who need 4 axis CNC router. Especially in Europe, the vast majority of customers will choose a SYNTEC system. So, you can choose the SIEMENS system if you have enough budget. If the budget is limited, the SYNTEC system is definitely your best choice. Finally, what we have to say is that no matter what system you choose, you don't have to worry about the operation. We not only provide pre-sales training, but also a professional after-sales service team to answer your question. In addition, we also provide customers instructional videos and instructions to learn. If your machine really has problems, we have agents at various countries to help you, and our engineers will visit customers from time to time to help customers solve problems.

In a word, Blue Elephant is definitely the preferred manufacturer in your engraving industry. We not only provide a wide range of fully functional engraving equipment, we also provide comprehensive after-sales service. Let you easily achieve the purpose of processing.
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