User feedback from Portuguese users

Recently, we have received all kinds of feedback from users from different countries about the received machine, the operation of the machine and assembly of the machine, etc. Today we are going to share with you feedback from Portuguese users about machined samples.
The following sample pictures are from a Portuguese user. From the picture, we can see that the customer mainly processes some small-sized work pieces. Before the customer buys the machine, he tells us the main processing objects, processing materials, and application industry. According to the customer's processing requirements and purchase budget, we recommend this 1212 woodworking engraving machine to the customer. This machine has a relatively small processing size and is suitable for processing small work pieces. In addition, the advantages of small footprint, simple operation, low procurement cost, and convenient transportation make this machine favored by domestic and foreign customers.

 The following are the details of this 1212 small CNC router machine

  1. With the small working table, this desktop CNC router is widely used in advertising industry.
  2. Designed with water cooling spindle, it has the features of low noise, vigorous cutting strength and long time mass processing.
  3. Adopting Taiwan TBI ball screw for Z axis, it can assure machine frame have a better precision.
  4. Manufactured with Integral cast iron frame, it makes the machine more durable.
  5. Equipped with water cooling spindle, it has the feature of high precision, less noise good cooling effect.
  6. With Fuling inverter, it is more stable and easy to operate.
  7. Adopting Taiwan TBI ball screw for Z axis, it has the advantages of high precision, smooth transmission
  8. All the specifications can be customized according to your requirements. 
The following are some samples shared with us by users :





These are the user feedback shared by Portuguese users. We are very happy and look forward to sharing your processing sample with us. Join us please.

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