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On October 23rd, we received customer who is the CEO of a company from the Czech Republic. According to the customer, his company is large in scale, and it has a wide production range, and has a large processing demand. Therefore, a machine with relatively powerful functions and high processing efficiency is required. The customer also stated that the processing materials include some soft materials such as cloth, rubber and cardboard. In the process of communication with the customer, we also learned that the customer is interested in the ATC CNC router and the oscillating knife cutting machine.

According to the requirements of the customers, we first guided the customers to visit the factory. Then explain the various types of engraving machines, as well as different types of processing materials and suitable application industries to customers.

We showed the customer the operation flow of the automatic tool change engraving machine according to the customer's wishes and demonstrated the speed and processing of the tool change. In addition, the processing effect of the rubber sheet board processed by the oscillating knife cutting machine was also shown to the customer. 
The following are the customer's questions about the machine, as well as our professional answers. I hope to help you too.

1. How to fix the material and ensure the processing effect when the machine is processing soft materials?
We recommend the use of a vacuum adsorption table with partitioned holes and two vacuum pumps. A layer of felt is placed under the processed material to ensure the adsorption effect.

2. Are operating software such as CAD and Artcam software difficult to operate?
Our engineers teach you how to use it on site and we also provide an operational video to you.

3. What material can the oscillating knife engraving machine process?
Oscillating knife cutting machine is a engraving machine combination. It is mainly to deal with some soft materials in the advertising production industry such as PVC, KT board. It is also suitable for fabric cutting, tablecloth cutting, stickers, and leather cutting in the apparel industry.

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