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Wood Drilling Machine

As one of the wood drilling machines, the side hole drilling machine is mainly an automatic drilling equipment that solves the problem of punching and slotting the side of the board. It is mainly used to solve the problem that the side hole cannot be punched during the processing of the panel furniture cutting machine. Compared with traditional punching methods, the side hole machine reduces labor costs and improves punching efficiency and punching accuracy. It is an economical and practical punching equipment. It can be widely used in furniture industries such as panel furniture, cabinet furniture, office furniture, custom furniture, and solid wood furniture.

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Panel furniture production lines are favored by more and more furniture manufacturers due to their high level of automation, excellent precision and high efficiency. One production line can complete the cutting, edge banding, drilling, rounding, polishing, PVC filming and other processes. The production line CNC machines include nesting CNC routers, edge banders, side drilling machines, polishing machines, vacuum press machines, etc.

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