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Wooden furniture CNC is also called furniture production line, based on the ordinary CNC router, and is mainly used to deal with woodworking products. Especially with the function of fully automatic loading and unloading, it is very popular in the furniture processing industry. Firstly, the structure of the CNC router wood carving machine is exquisite, achieving a win-win of speed and precision. Secondly, with the vacuum adsorption table, the wood engraving machine can process different shapes of plates. Then drilling and automatic tool change combination can achieve drilling, pulling, and other functions. Besides that, with a self-contained pusher device, it’s convenient for operators to take materials, saving time. It also has dual-station equipment, which can be used to maximize production efficiency. Blue Elephant CNC has the following types of CNC wood routers for sale, including ATC CNC wood carving machine, auto feeding production line, vacuum press machine, and edge banding machine. This woodworking machinery not only helps improve the working efficiency but also improves the product quality. To learn more information about these CNC wood milling machines, you can read these pages. Inquiry is also welcome.

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The plate furniture production line plays an increasingly important role in the production of custom furniture and panel furniture. It can quickly and efficiently complete cutting, blanking, punching, drawing and other processing techniques for various synthetic sheets and solid wood. And It is widely used in processing on the surface of various materials, such as plane, three-dimensional, curved surface, cylindrical, etc.

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